How to select an escort lady

How to select an escort lady

1.Looking for an escort service

Find an online escort website. These directories contain all kinds of listings to choose from. To find out if a good escort website, check if escort ladies post their ads on a monthly basis.

Find an independent escort lady or an escort agency like AlmaEscorts. It is more advisable to contact an agency, because you can expect better quality of their services. When you find an agency you like, the receptionist will be able to give you some suggestions based on your preferences. The bad thing about escort agencies is that they are more expensive, since they charge an extra fee to use their services, which is included in the price of the escort.

2.Narrow down your options based on the type of escort you want

 Some categories that you should take into account are age, hair color, complexion, height, breast size, if they are VIP, etc. This is also the time to decide if you just want a hookup, a date, or a one-night stand.

3. Decide how much money you will spend

Keep in mind that cheap is expensive. If you only have $100-200 (or the equivalent in your country) in your budget, you'd better save more money. Then click on the ad for the girl of your choice and scroll down with your cursor until you find her price. If her services are too expensive, then don't waste your time reading the rest of her ad.

4. Don't try to haggle with a lady-in-waiting

If her ad doesn't show a price, the girl is most likely expensive.

When you've found an escort you like and is within your budget, be sure to check that she doesn't charge you extra or ask for "tips" when you get to the meet.

5. Be sure to check that the escort is really the one in her photo

Escorts who use fake photos will never tell you if they do, and many of them cover up their faces with Photoshop. However, many true escorts also cover their faces for privacy reasons. In other cases, there will be customers who will leave comments on the girl's ads and check if she is really the one in the photo.

Use an image search page to find out if the girl didn't get the photos from a website with professional models (like Playboy) or a porn site.

6. Contact her discreetly to plan the meeting

When you have chosen an escort, make sure you have an idea of ​​what you are going to do with her during her meeting. If you discuss their services over the phone, make sure you know the correct keywords for the service you want.

Keep in mind that if you are rude to her, it is very likely that she will hang up the phone and ignore your calls. You should also keep in mind that you may end up talking to her "manager" on the phone and not the girl you're going out with.

Find out where she wants to go. A cheap hotel in a rough neighborhood is not a good place. Also, you should make sure that the parking lot of the place is not visible from the street, especially if it is close to your home or office.

Going to meet an escort

Be careful when you get to the place. When you arrive, pay close attention to your surroundings. If you see something suspicious (people walking around, cleaning or doing maintenance, watching you) or have a bad feeling, get out of there. Remember that most hotels do cleaning early in the morning and maintenance is usually not done overnight. Be smart and take care of yourself.


Take your wallet out of your pocket and hide it in your car. Do it before you get to the meeting place, because you don't want someone suspicious to see you. Just take your cell phone, keys and cash with you. If you have a separate wallet, take it. You never know if the girl may trick you and try to steal your belongings.

Show the money to the escort. When you meet, show him that you have the agreed amount of money and place it on a visible table. This money is to compensate her for her time (not for illegal services). Do not try to pay for sexual services with money; that's illegal.

Verify that the lady-in-waiting is of legal age. Ask her if she is at least 18 years old and has the proper credentials to legally practice this business. If you don't answer yes to both questions, then you are breaking the law. The girl may be a police officer or part of a human trafficking ring.

Clean up if she asks you to. Some escorts will ask you to wash your hands or take a shower. Since she can run off with your money while she's taking a shower, you can tell her that she already did it (and it's recommended that you do, both before and after the encounter). A professional escort is less likely to get away with your money, so take this into account when choosing an escort with no experience or reviews on her ads. You can take the money to the bathroom, but she may be offended. However, take your wallet, cell phone, and keys with you into the bathroom.

Be comfortable. When he sees your "input" and knows that you are a serious person, he will have no problem undressing in your presence, which is a legal activity. However, the laws in your country may be different. Make sure you know in advance the laws on escorts and sexual activities in your country.

Use the vocabulary of escort ladies when they talk. Escort ladies are very careful when talking about money, sex, going out, etc. They will use words like "inputs" or "a girlfriend experience." Make sure to use these words when you talk. Never ask him to have sex directly. Use terms like "make yourself comfortable" or "let's get to know each other."


Immediately leave the area when the match is over. This is very important, because you don't want the girl to steal your things while you sleep. It is also recommended that you go home and park your car in another place, so that no one notices. Remember to leave before or after the girl leaves. They must not go together.